How Much Do I Need Calculator

Enter your retirement age and desired income to see how much you need in your retirement pot(s) in order to sustainably achieve it. You can also decide the growth rate, withdrawl rate and fees.

Retirement Age
Min. 55
Desired Annual Income
5% (Recommended)
Fund Fees
% per year
Fund Fees Cap
£Max annual fee: £875
Higher capital requirement, restricts withdrawls to a withdrawl rate, pot likely to grow over time
4% (Recommended)
Lower capital requirement, pot guarantees desired income level until specified age, gets fully consumed
Guarantee Income Until Age
Min. 75


Your Desired IncomeHow Much You NeedAfter-Tax Income
Your Desired Income
£28,000Until Age 90
How Much You Need
After-Tax Income
£24,914(£2,076 / month)

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This calculator serves as a general guide for figuring out how much is needed in order to achieve a certain income.

To run a full simulation that takes into account your income, outgoings, existing investments and lots more, create a scenario using Saving Tool Advanced.

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  • Estimates how much you need to the nearest £1000
  • Assumes you qualify for the state pension, at age 68
  • Ignores the 25% tax-free lump sum typically available upon first retirement year
  • All figures use today's money, i.e. inflation is accounted for
  • Ignores Student Loans
  • After-Tax Income shows income after income tax - NICs are not payable from pension pots

Fewer limitations exist using the full Saving Tool Advanced simulation. Something look off? Get in touch to provide feedback.