Pension Contributions Calculator

Enter your current age, retirement age, current pot balance, current annual contritbutions and pot target to see how much more you need to contribute in order to reach your target upon retirement.

Penion Pot Target
Current Age
Retirement Age
Min. 55
Current Pot Balance
Current Annual Contributions
£Max. £60k
Fund Fees
% per year
Fund Fees Cap
£Max annual fee: £875


Years to ContributeTotal ContributionsInvestment Returns
Years to Contribute
N/AThen 0 years of growth
Total Contributions
N/AUp to age 35
Pot Investment Returns
N/AAfter fees, over 30 years

Get an accurate forecast using Saving Tool Advanced

This calculator serves as a general guide for figuring out how to achieve the goals you have for your Defined Contribution pension pots.

To run a full simulation that takes into account your income, outgoings, existing investments and lots more, create a scenario using Saving Tool Advanced. Saving Tool Advanced also support Defined Benefit pensions.

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  • Focuses on reaching the target but not exceeding it, meaning contributions will automatically stop
  • Keeps your contributions the same throughout (until the target is reached)
  • Assumes your retirement pot is invested in low-cost index funds, achieving net 5% per year, allowing for 2.5% inflation

Fewer limitations exist using the full Saving Tool Advanced simulation. Something look off? Get in touch to provide feedback.