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Enter your rate and umbrella company details below to get a breakdown of tax, take-home pay and pension contributions.

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On an umbrella day rate of £300, salary sacrificing £25 per day and working 47 weeks, you will take home £43,045 in pay (after tax) and add £5,875 to your pension.

After employer-side taxes (Employer's National Insurance, Company Margin and Apprenticeship Levy), this equates to £56,498 of taxable pay. When added together with £5,875 of pension contributions, this represents total compensation of £62,373.

Taxable PayTake-Home PayAdded to PensionsTotal Compensation
Taxable Pay
Take-Home Pay
£43,045(£3,587 / month)
Added to Pensions
£5,875(£490 / month)
Total Compensation

Full Breakdown

Weekly (1 week)
Monthly (~3.92 weeks )
Yearly (47 weeks)
Gross Pay£1,500£5,875£70,500
Deduced for SIPP-£125-£490-£5,875
Before Deductions£1,375£5,385£64,625
Company Deductions
Employer's National Insurance (13.8%)-£140-£549-£6,591
Company Margin-£27-£104-£1,246
Apprenticeship Levy-£6-£24-£290
Employee Deductions
Employee's Pension Contributions-£0-£0-£0
Income Tax-£213-£836-£10,031
Employee National Insurance-£67-£262-£3,140
Umbrella Fees-£6-£24-£282
Added to SIPP£125£490£5,875
Total Pension Contributions£125£490£5,875
Taxable Employee Pay£1,202£4,708£56,498
Taxes and fees paid-£286 (23.81%)-£1,121 (23.81%)-£13,454 (23.81%)
Take-Home Pay£916 (76.19%)£3,587 (76.19%)£43,045 (76.19%)
Added to Pensions£125 (0.00% + £125 SIPP)£490 (0.00% + £490 SIPP)£5,875 (0.00% + £5,875 SIPP)

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  • Assumes holiday pay paid in advance
  • Does not include any expenses such as mileage
  • Postgrad loans are currently unsupported

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